performing (selection)
You may call mariëlle verdijk (Boxmeer, 1969) a jack of all trades. Although trained as scenographer she has worked as (stage)designer, arts-programmer, bookkeeper, dishwasher, cook and cheeseseller. Recently she obtained a MA in Arts, Culture and Society and has started writing stuff. To train her un-becoming as individual, she is an active member of TRICKSTER, an multidisciplined performance collective with a focus on group-dynamics and instant collaboration. All her work is aimed at simple gestures and tactility.

"Paarden, Vrijgezellen en Gender – Traditie en verniewing in de Boxmeerse Metworstrennen"
(an academic text in Volkskunde magazine about gender and tradition in my hometown Boxmeer) - 2017
writing (selection)
* The Five Hi Low Fi (ism. Rebekka E. Moran)
"Usership and the Mutable Mobile: inclusive objects in the ruru huis"

(an essay on the role of objects in a social art practice - for the book 'ruru-huis') - 2018
"Objectify my Love!"
(an essay on object love in Extra Extra magazine, a multidisciplinary platform exploring eroticism and culture) - 2017

>>> The Parallel Show (a Parallel Universe Dinner) - 2018
cooking (selection)
>>> The Red Jacket Menu (an Anarchist? Menu) - 2016
>>> Poly Puristic Lunch (a PhD graduate Conceptual lunchparty) - 2017
"De Lurfloze"
(een vreemd fictie verhaal gepubliceerd in HSF 2020/2 - het verenigingsblad van
het Nederlands Contactcentrum voor Science Fiction) - 2020
* Ramuan Gulma (ism. Jatiwangi Art Factory)
(kort verhaal geschreven tijdens de workshop Other Futures en daar ook uitgegeven) - 2020
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