You may call Mariëlle Verdijk (Boxmeer, 1969) a jack of all trades. Trained as scenographer she has worked as (stage)designer, arts-programmer, bookkeeper, dishwasher, cook and cheesemaker. Recently she obtained a MA in Arts, Culture and Society and has started writing stuff. To train her un-becoming as individual, she is an active member of TRICKSTER, an multidisciplined performance collective with a focus on group-dynamics and instant collaboration. All her work is aimed at simple gestures and tactility. Although she feels that the power of materiality is generally severely underestimated, she also loves words.

"Paarden, Vrijgezellen en Gender – Traditie en verniewing in de Boxmeerse Metworstrennen"
(a scientific text in Volkskunde magazine about gender and tradition in my hometown Boxmeer) - 2017
* The Five Hi Low Fi
* La Donna è Mobile (TRICKSTER)
"Usership and the Mutable Mobile: inclusive objects in the ruru huis"

(my thesis rewritten for the book 'ruru-huis' by reinaart vanhoe) - 2018
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"Objectify my Love!"
(an essay on object love in Extra Extra magazine, a multidisciplinary platform exploring eroticism and culture) - 2017

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>>> The Parallel Show (a Parallel Universe Dinner) - 2018
>>> The Red Jacket Menu (an Anarchist? Menu) - 2016
>>> Poly Puristic Lunch (a PhD graduate Conceptual lunchparty) - 2017
BREAKING NEWS: Opening ons ook_huis: our house as Also Space...
>>> Eating an Archive (a Pre-colonial Dinner for Indonesian friends) - 2015